Homemade dumpling skins

april 30, 2017

Jag skrev det här inlägget i ett annat sammanhang, tänkte att det är lika bra att lägga upp det här också - steg-för-steg-instruktioner till hur du gör dumplings på engelska.

It's time to make dumplings from scratch! Follow the step-by-step-instructions below and you will have perfect dumplings in less time than you think. The recipe for the skins yields 18 dumpling skins with a diameter of approximately 12 cm or 24 skins with the diameter of 8 cm. Big dumplings are the best (also, I'm lazy)

Step 1: 
4.8 dl flour with 1.6 dl boiling water and a pinch of salt
Step 2:
Knead together quickly with the help of a wooden spatula. It looks pretty bad but don't worry. Wrap in plastic wrap and let rest for 10 minutes. Then knead for ten minutes, i usually do it by hand but you can use a kitchen assistant. 
After kneading. The dough is very soft to the touch.
Step 3: 
Divide the dough into 18 or 24 equal parts depending on which size you wish for. Keep the dough under plastic wrap so it doesn't dry out. Time to grab your rolling-pin. I usually just roll north-to-south and turn the dough as I roll. It really doesn't have to be perfectly round. I bet there's a kindergartner somewhere in the world who agrees this is round and that's close enough for me. I know the pros make sure to make the centre a little bit thicker than the edges, but I'm not there yet. Put the finished skins on a plate with plastic wrap between the layers so they don't stick to each outer. 
Step 4: 
The filling. You can put anything in dumplings. I usually go for a pork-sesame-chive-mushroom filling. In the picture below I used a 50/50 mix between pork and beef and seasoned with mushroom soy, light soy, oyster sauce, sesame oil, sriracha, garlic, ginger, fresh chili, a chopped up mushroom, dried chili, sesame seeds, spring onions, leek, chives and black pepper.

Sometimes I make way less dumplings with way less ingredients in the filling. Minced pork, finely diced carrots, light soy, sesame oil and spring onions is a simple but delicious filling. 
Step 5: 
Dumpling folding time! 
I didn't have someone to help me photograph me folding so you're on your own on this. Or you can watch this video on youtube.  
Step 6: 
Steaming! I have these great bambu baskets but you can use a steaming insert in a normal pot. Steam for 7-12 minutes depending on the size of the dumplings. It cooks pretty quickly. 
Step 7:
I usually have some cabbage on the side and some sauces. Sauces are very important for the complete dumpling experience, but I think we'll leave that for another post. 

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